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Hector Estrada

I wanted to learn more about commercial lines as I recently opened an independent agency, and it was really worth every penny paid for taking the Comprehensive Commercial Lines class offered by ICA. The instructors were great, Justine and Justin were amazing and went the extra mile to make sure one understood the material and to make up any class you missed.

I highly recommend taking this course whether you are an experience agent or a new one coming into this business.

Justin Loeber

Highly recommend to anyone looking to learn commercial insurance. Tanya was amazing!!!

Leslie Goldman

Thankful to the team at ICA Insurance and my main instructor, Ashley! I passed my test on the first try!

Lindsey Baumann

Working with ICA and Adam Zeidler was a phenomenal experience! Adam was so helpful and provided such an amazing plethora of knowledge throughout my training. I completed this training right after I obtained my Property and Casuality license and it was such a great way to solidify my knowledge of insurance. I am so thankful our agency has this incredible resource.

Rachel Gigi

Rachel Gigi

Adam made this Complex Restaurant so interesting. I now have a much better understanding when it comes to properly quoting small and large restaurants and what coverages to offer the insured to better protect their business. Adam was knowledgeable and extremely helpful! He has helped my agency grow in so many ways.


Security Insurance Group

Justine and Adam did a terrific job during my sales training class! The class was informative and really helped me grow as an agent and manager for our agency. There was a lot of useful information I’d decided to implement and use in my own sales and also for our team. They made class fun and a pleasure to learn and work with!

Matt Pederson


I've been selling insurance for over 10 years now and felt very confident in what I do. That's until I started looking into commercial Insurance. From the outside it just seemed confusing and very different from the Personal lines. What Jason from ICA did was make it very clear and precise without making it more confusing. I would highly recommend this course for all new agents and veteran agents like myself. Thank you Jason and everyone from ICA, I appreciate everything you taught me and look forward to working with you in the future.

Melissa Tucker

Dino Lee Berg Insurance Agency

It was a pleasure diving into the commercial realm during the few months. I appreciate the guidance and insight you were able to provide. It has given me the confidence that we can tackle commercial business with a strong support system behind us!

Linda Toste

Toste Insurance Services

I really liked the commercial 101 class and thought that it was both great for any type of agent or employee whether you were new to the field of insurance or had been in the industry for years. Barbara was very outgoing and enthusiastic when she taught the class and gave “real life “ examples and how they can relate to what we were learning about. I recommend this class for everyone.

Denise Laine

Laine Insurance

Having been an agent for the past 10 years, I didn’t realize how much knowledge I could gain from this course (Commercial Lines Training). But Justine taught me so much about Cyber Liability, Work Comp and the Acord Forms that I was dreading using. All of this will be a piece of cake to complete thanks to Justine. I would recommend this class to new agents as well as seasoned agent. A+++

Manny Aguilar

Justine and the team over at ICA are amazing individuals who really focus on getting the important details of every lesson across. The knowledge gained from Commerical Lines 101 has helped me feel more confident when approaching a potential client. I would def recommend this class to any newbies in the commercial insurance world!

Jason Anderson

Evolve Planning & Insurance

I have been in multiple sales positions throughout my life. And I have also had many different sales classes and courses throughout my career. When our agency chose to start offering P&C products we initially fell into the trap that many other agents fall into... we were attempting to sell on price alone, not bringing value to the conversation, and did not have a solidified sales/marketing plan in place for our personal and commercial lines. The sales/marketing class that we participated through ICA was one of the most thorough and insightful classes that I have been able to be a part of. We were able to define strengths and weaknesses in our processes. We now have a much clearer picture on the direction we can head and more importantly how to best serve our clients through value and not price alone. I believe that this course is paramount for every producer, agency owner, or even CSR no matter their experience level!

Ozzie Toste

Toste Insurance Services

As always your classes are challenging and great. Full of nuances and information and are great for any producer regardless of how many years of experience they have had. This last class I took was challenging and great. I learned so much and refresh so much. As far as Adam he is great, shared so much knowledge and such a unique and different perspective of looking at things. You guys hit a homerun with him, I really appreciate ICA and what you bring to the table, these classes are phenomenal and he is outstanding… Thank you!!!

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