How to Read a Clue / MVR Report

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Do you have a hard time trying to understand a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) or CLUE report? We break down how to read these reports as well as the processes needed to dispute items on the document.

The following will be addressed in this course:

  • What is a CLUE Report?
    • How long do claims stay on the CLUE?
    • Reading the Property CLUE Report
      • Report Header
      • General Messages
      • Search Information
      • Reported Claims History
    • Reading the Auto CLUE Report
      • Account
      • Recap
      • Search Request
      • Reported Loss History
      • Possible Related Claims
    • Underwriting Requirements
  • What is an MVR
    • How long do violations stay on an MVR?
      • Claim Number/Quoteback
      • Driver Information
      • Driver's License Information
      • State Specific Information
      • Driving Record