Protection Class Fire Mapping


This course lasts 1 hour.


Two of the rating factors in a homeowners policy are protection class and fire mapping. The student will be provided first-hand information on what protection classes are and how fire mapping rating factors impact the cost of coverage and the ability to place coverage with specific carriers.

The following will be addressed in this course:

  • Protection Class
    • What factors into a Public Protection Class?
      • Emergency Communications
      • Distance to Fire Department
      • Water Supply
    • Public Protection Class Risk Reduction Efforts
      • Fire Prevention
      • Public Safety Education
      • Fire Investigation
    • What is a FireLine?
    • What determines a FireLine Score?
      • Fuel/Slope/Access
    • How do wildfires spread?
      • Requirements for combustion
      • Heat Transfer
    • How to Reduce Wildfire Risk

*This course lasts 1 hour.

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