Homeowners Endorsements


This course lasts 1 hour.


Homeowners policies can be revised by adding endorsements to the policy form. We will investigate the many endorsements that can be added to the various homeowners policies and how they affect coverage.

The following will be addressed in this course:

  • Investigation of property endorsements such as:
    • Additional insureds
    • Building additions
    • Inflation guard
  • A breakdown of dwelling endorsements like:
    • Green upgrades
    • Unit owners' coverage
  • What endorsements are available for other structures
  • Personal property coverage endorsements
  • A look into endorsements that your homeowner may not have known they needed
    • Home day care coverages
    • Assisted living
    • Students living away from home
  • Liability and medical payments endorsements and what they cover

*This course lasts 1 hour.

Live online events

1 hour, 10:00 AM MST - 11:00 AM MST


  • $19.00 excl. Tax

1 hour, 08:00 AM MDT - 09:00 AM MDT


  • $19.00 excl. Tax