COPE (CE Credits Available)


All courses are scheduled Mountain Standard Time.



COPE is an acronym for commercial property rating and underwriting that stands for: Construction, Occupancy, Protection, and Exposure.

This course will enable the student to properly rate a property risk as well as evaluate the overall property condition from an underwriting perspective.

Subjects include:

  • Properly identifying the construction rating class of a building
  • How to determine common commercial roof types for rating
  • What material inside a building make a risk more or less susceptible to a fire loss
  • How different occupancy types effect fire susceptibility
  • Identifying public fire protection classes and how this effects rating and underwriting
  • How insureds can mitigate fire hazards by adopting appropriate internal fire protection systems
  • How to recognize and evaluate the external exposures surrounding a subject risk
  • Course will cover particular property hazard considerations including: older buildings, multi-structure premises, HVAC and boiler issues, and habitational risks.

*This is a 2 hour course.